Ban Islam Stickers

With all the attacks going on around the world wherever islam has started to take root, it’s time to cast out the evil and send it back where it came from. We in the West will not tolerate having islam in our midst any more. It’s time to let the world know that we want islam gone!

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I learned a painful lesson during the last election. The police came to me in response to a complaint that a young woman put a sticker on a jar of coffee. I refused to give them her details…but they issued me with a court-ordered subpoena and forced me to. Even then, they couldn’t know who the person was who put the sticker on the coffee jar. It was only because the young woman actually admitted it when they visited her that they were able to take her to court. Their job was made easy because at that stage only a few people had ordered the stickers. These days, they would have to visit hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people in an area. That would be a huge waste of their time time.

Always remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. It is up to the police to prove you guilty…and how are they going to do that when so many people are putting these stickers up all over the country?

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Disclaimer: Please place these stickers responsibly. Do not place them on food as that could be considered depriving the shop of a sale and you could be charged with theft. Do not tamper with food items. Penalties may apply.
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What else can you do to help stop the spread of islam?

  1. Print out and distribute this informative booklet about islam — it explains what islam is clearly and concisely
  2. Print out and distribute this flyer. Good for mailbox drops, or for placing on telephone poles near mosques especially.!!!IslamicFlyer.pdf
  3. Write to your Federal MP and tell him how you feel. You can find them listed here:
  4. Become a member of RestoreAustralia. You will receive a complimentary copy of the Draft Constitution, and you will receive our monthly newsletter telling you about our work and the progress we are making
  5. Join us on Facebook
  6. Help us get signatures on the petition to support Senator Madigan’s bill to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to give all Australian voters the right to initiate referendums…also known as CIR.
  7. Talk to your friends