Day: October 22, 2020

Bitcoin – The whole process is that there is less risk involved

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The good thing about all of these methods is that they can all be done with little to no expense to the Bitcoin company that is doing the review. When a company uses a third party code review site, the money that was used to pay for the site is going into their pockets instead of into the pockets of the person who was doing the reviewing. This means that the people who will be doing the testing will have much more time to spend on the code and will get it out there much quicker.

Bitcoin Good Things!

Another good thing about the whole process is that there is less risk involved. When a company makes the changes to the code, they may not even be able to get them in front of the public because of copyright issues. This is where an open source review site comes into play.

An open source review site allows a company to make any changes to the code without having to worry about whether or not it will work before putting it into the public. This means that the code is being made available to anyone who wants it. which means that there will be less risk involved in any particular changes that will be made.