Day: November 5, 2020

Kona Capital

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Koa Capital offers the best local solution for a local business owner by combining exceptional local capital with superior local management to help a business grow and preserve its legacy. Many scrappy, low-budget entrepreneurs have clawed their way into this industry with nothing more than their sheer determination and will. Continue reading this.

koa capital

Koa capital is a combination of two very unique assets: Kona coffee and a group of Kona farmers who are willing to share some of their rich, delicious coffee with you. By combining Kona Capital’s expertise in the coffee business with Kona Farmers’ Marketing Partnerships (KFP) and our relationship with our capital management team, we are able to help businesses reach their financial goals while preserving their personal legacy.

Koa capital allows businesses to continue operating without the necessity for outside funding. By keeping their capital at home, businesses are more confident in their ability to continue growing and expanding their business and generating an income that will allow them to keep growing. By preserving their personal business history, entrepreneurs are able to maintain a connection to their business that gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility. In many cases, a business may be losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue because of the cost of advertising as well as the cost of hiring sales staff and other employees. By retaining their Koa capital, they are able to keep their costs down while making improvements to their business and becoming more competitive on the marketplace.