Hltaid Education – CPR and First Aid Training


The Brisbane Southside First Aid and CPR Training Centre are located at the premier health education and training facility in Brisbane for people who have undertaken various courses in the field. This one-day First Aid Course Brisbane Southside gives you all the required skills and knowledge required to give first aid assistance, resuscitation, do cardiopulmonary resuscitation, work alone in a room or with a team of first aiders, do chest compressions, manage trauma, manage hemorrhage, manage shock and even monitor a victim’s vital signs before, during and after any kind of cardiac arrest, critical care, trauma or accident. The Brisbane Southside also offers courses for the management of pediatric emergencies, management of shock and trauma, workplace or community safety, first aid training and for CPR implementation. CPR is the method of rescue breathing used in case of an acute shortage of oxygen. You can also opt to take up courses in first aid and CPR for other specialised purposes like swimming accidents, diving, aviation accidents and medical emergencies.

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Hltaid Education – CPR and First Aid Training

The Hltaid001 has been offering courses and exams since 1992. Since then, the number of students taking up Hltaid001 CPR/First Aid training has significantly increased, proving the worth of this institution. This is because, unlike others, Hltaid001 has a curriculum that encompasses not just classroom lectures but practical hands-on training, making the entire learning experience more effective. Apart from offering practical CPR techniques, the Hltaid001 also conducts a one-day advanced course in which you can learn a few advanced first aid techniques, saving you the trouble and expense of hiring a personal instructor.

When you enroll for the Hltaid001 CPR/First Aid course, you will be provided with practical lessons and lectures that will help you learn the basic principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and chest compressions. You can then go on to participate in hands-on exercises that prepare you for the demands of an emergency situation while dealing with cardiac arrest, respiratory distress and cardiac arrest. Once you have learnt the skills needed, you will be given the chance to choose between a basic and advanced first aid course. You will be able to refresh your knowledge about first aid response in a clinical setting. The Hltaid001 also conducts a final exam that gauges your knowledge on all topics that were covered in the course. Upon successfully completing the first aid course, you will receive a CPR card that gives you access to hospitals and ambulances without any hassle.

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