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custom sheds sydney

If you are in the market for custom sheds Sydney has the best selection to meet your needs. A custom shed is a durable, strong building that allows storage of both personal and business equipment. Custom sheds can be built by anyone with the proper plans. Most construction companies in Sydney can construct your custom shed for you if you have a good set of blueprints. They will work with you to determine exactly what your shed should look like, where it should be located on your property and how it should function.

“We are experts in pre-fab garages, custom sheds and carports. We provide expert customer service and a hassle free custom building service,” says Mike Johnson of Garages Galore. “We have been providing comprehensive garage and storage solutions to both private clients and professional businesses for over 10 years. We design all our garages and custom sheds in Sydney keeping in mind the local weather and terrain conditions.” You will find that most custom sheds Sydney are prefabricated structures that consist of a metal frame and various storage areas, including floor and wall units. Many are also equipped with various wood panelling options to add to the exterior design.

Plastic storage sheds Sydney are made in similar style to custom sheds Sydney but are designed to fit any yard. These are made from high impact resistant plastic material that is UV protected and usually comes unfinished. The prefabricated plastic storage sheds come with all the parts and accessories that are required for installation. The plastic storage sheds can be purchased either as a Ready to Assemble (RTA) or Install Your Own (IYO).

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