What To Do With A Weight Blanket


weight blanket

One of the most useful types of therapeutic sleeping aids is the weight blanket. These blankets are particularly useful to people who suffer from restless leg syndrome or other similar disorders which can lead to inability to get a restful sleep. A lot of these blankets are filled with an insulating substance such as down or feathers. The down is packed tightly between the layers of the blanket and this acts to reduce the temperature of the person’s body and consequently their ability to get a good night’s sleep. Another benefit of using a weight blanket is that they provide warmth for your body in cold winter nights. They can be used to help prevent heat loss or regulation of body temperature so that you always feel warm even when the temperature is low. Check out – www.slaapcity.nl/verzwaringsdeken/

What To Do With A Weight Blanket

There are different brands of weighted blankets but according to one product review, two specific brands should be mentioned here: One by Wigwam and the other by Bedlam. According to Wigwam, their blankets have a variety of features including: heat regulation, multiple feather layers, variable firmness, insulation, and washable or disposable bedding. On the other hand, according to Bedlam reviews, these blankets are made up of feather, polyester fill, wool or cotton. In addition to this, the blankets from Bedlam come with a guarantee which they call the Bedlam Limited Lifetime Warranty which is actually for six months from the date of purchase. In addition to this, the manufacturer is willing to give a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

It is important to note that all the aforementioned information is only applicable to the United States. According to Wigwam, the blankets are not manufactured in the United Kingdom because there is no law on this matter. Thus, you need to check out the care instructions and the washing instructions provided with your Wigwam or Bedlam Weight Blanket to ensure easy care. If you do not care for them properly, they can be machine washed using any washing machine available in your area.

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