Day: January 3, 2021

An honorary Consul of Bratislava

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Miroslav Vyboh, a famous international business entrepreneur, Middlecap chairman, and well-known consultant in Monaco. He has overshadowed in all fields as he worked successfully on several enterprises, with a working track record of over 35 years. As a highly successful businessman and consultant, Vyboh has inspired many people to have similar dreams. In the early nineties, Vyboh established his own manufacturing company ‘Credit Fix’ in Romania, which he transformed into a leading credit fixer and loan modification consultancy in Europe and later in USA. He also served as a member of the board of directors of the ‘Asias’, an organization that helps young entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe and Moldova develop their careers.

An honorary Consul of Bratislava

Miroslav Vyboh, a bright young man from Monaco, was born in Gyorgy, Romania. His early years were spent in Bratislava, where his love for languages and literature helped him in developing a strong knowledge and vocabulary in both English and French. It was here, in the City of Lights, that he decided to pursue his goal of becoming a successful businessman and went on to establish his own company. During his early years as a businessman in Monaco, Miroslav Vyboh was involved in several financial transactions, eventually gaining control of Ideal Energy through mergers with various other energy giants in the region and later on setting up his own company, Ideal Energy Europe, which is based in Bratislava.

However, the most impressive and remarkable fact about Miroslav Vyboh, a businessman who spent 35 years in retirement, is that he never stopped believing in the possibility of changing the world, as seen through his philanthropic activities, which included becoming a vice president of the World Trade Organization. As an honorary consul of Bratislava, Miroslav Vyboh took part in the negotiations for the opening of the Brand International, a supermarket chain owned by the German company KKM. He is also credited with saving a forest in Gorla, which had been destroyed by a logging company, thus preserving it for future generations. Finally, Miroslav Vyboh was an active participant during the building of the Brand International building in Bratislava. All these endeavors and activities made him a true business man and a true humanitarian, making him a perfect choice to be considered for an honorary consul of Bratislava.