Day: January 5, 2021

PVC Blanket Heater – Proven Heating Solution

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A PVC Blanket Heater is a device used to heat blanket, sheets or blankets. They are commonly used as a patio heater in patio areas such as backyards, decks and patios. They are available in different shapes and designs which help users in choosing the best one according to their needs. This type of blanket heater is a great option for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities even on cold weathers. The heat generated by this type of heater can be adjusted according to user’s needs.

PVC Blanket Heater – Proven Heating Solution

As discussed earlier, PVC Blanket Heater is made of flexible and durable materials, and they help users in enjoying complete control over the amount of heat generated. By simply wrapping around large section of PVC pipes and plugging into the 120 V outlets, PVC Blanket Heaters allows users to bend it by hand without any assistance. Small models F-3420 and F-3419 provide high capacity up to 3 in. and 6 in., respectively; along with the fact that these types of blanket heaters can be folded and kept in one corner of your room without disturbing the others. Models F-639 and F-639A offer sufficient power to heat blankets, sheets and quilts up to six at a time, while providing an adjustable thermostat to regulate the heat.

Some other features offered by PVC Blanket Heater are: built-in rubberized handles, built-in rubberized safety seal, easy access for cleaning, adjustable and reusable heat setting controls, and an automatic thermostat control. When shopping for a heater, always prefer a product that offers both comfort and quality. Choose a PVC Blanket Heater that has a built-in Velcro strap so you can quickly and easily store it without tools. The F-type model offers built-in, double-sided adhesive labels.