Day: January 20, 2021

Long Span Shelving

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Dexion longspan shelving is an effective solution for storing long, high or bulky items and is ideally suited for use in either the warehouse or factory. Providing maximum storage in any space, it’s simple, durable, strong and straightforward to modify and adapt to future needs. It’s great value for money and meets all industry standards, including those set by the National Recording Industry Association (NRIA) and United States Department of Commerce (USDOTC).

The company’s long span shelving ranges include single and multi-deck uprights, vertical uprights, flexible horizontal uprights and flexible wire systems, as well as optional components like double-skinned cabinets or stainless steel uprights. Single uprights may be used to provide storage on a single level, allowing smaller items to be stored close to the front of the shelf. If there is a need for more than one shelf, the multi-deck option allows uprights to be stacked on top of each other and arranged in the usual manner. Alternatively, the flexible horizontal option enables uprights to be arranged in rows, with the bottom shelf on top of an existing horizontal shelf.

The company’s vertical uprights are designed for maximum load-bearing capabilities and can support up to 100 kilos (tons), providing robust support for heavy items. In addition to providing increased load bearing capacity, the company’s long span shelving comes with a range of convenient features, including snap-on accessories for installation and finishing and internally reinforced slats for strength and protection. These additional features make longspan shelving an ideal solution for a wide range of storing applications and come in a variety of sizes, including small uprights, long horizontal shelves and medium size vertical uprights.