Day: January 24, 2021

The Basics Of Fire Watch Services

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Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services are non-lethal, emergency fire protection arrangements offered by licensed alarm contractors and companies. The purpose of a fire watch service is to provide first aid care in the event of a fire outbreak within the premises of your business or residence. Services usually consist of: Regular patrol | fire | services | house} The patrol shifts will operate on a rotational basis, taking a second shift every night and a third at the weekend. A member of staff will be permanently posted at each shift location to man the fire exit, the main entrance to the building and the main access point from the house to the roof. A second member will be posted outside of the house to attend any emergency calls. If a fire causes smoke in the building, the patrol officer will move to an area on the top floor where a fire exit can be quickly and safely opened.

Fire watch services also offer on-site training for staff members to help them identify the most pressing fire risk areas and implement measures to minimise these risks. They will conduct training sessions on a regular basis to train the staff of building maintenance and electrical engineers on the detection of fire hazards, extinguishing them and the use of fire fighting equipment. On-site training is conducted in both classroom and field settings to ensure staff are able to identify all types of fire hazards. Life saving techniques such as the ” sprinkler tap ” method, whereby trained workers can quickly douse small fires with water, are also taught. Fire prevention training is taught in both classroom and field settings, and companies have the responsibility to ensure their staffs have completed the relevant training.