Status Anxiety and Its Consequences


status anxiety

Status Anxiety is a fictional book by Alain de Botton; it was first released in 2021 by Hamish Hamilton. It is basically a story about a young woman, Amelia, who finds herself in a high-security position at work; this is because she has been told that her mother is ill and needs constant medical care. Amelia’s supervisor seems to have an interest in her; she starts spending time with him – but does he really want to get to know her? In addition, her co-worker seems to think she is a little wimpy – so does she? The book then revolves around Amelia’s need to find out if her life is about to become unbearable as her mother’s illness worsens.

Status Anxiety – The topic of physical attractiveness as a key factor in a woman’s life

This book also tackles the topic of physical attractiveness as a key factor in a woman’s life; it talks about the physical benefits of wearing revealing clothing, how clothing can affect a relationship and the different reasons why some people like certain styles of clothing more than others. It is interesting to note that Status Anxiety tries to combine these three factors – physical attractiveness, sexualization and status. It argues that while women should be aware of these three factors when choosing a garment for themselves, they should not have to put up with a life-threatening situation because of their ‘inability’ to wear revealing clothing. The way Status Anxiety describes Amelia’s situation and the ways in which she is forced to dress reveals a lot about our culture’s views on gender roles, class and beauty – all of which are important topics for anyone who cares about women’s health and wellbeing. In fact, many women may identify with the situation and its subsequent reaction when they see it depicted in a fictional form.

In addition to the above, Status Anxiety also shows how Status Anxiety can have indirect effects on society at large. One of the book’s main examples is the case of Amelia, who is deeply in need of money to pay for her daughter’s schooling. However, a photograph of Amelia wearing revealing clothing attracts a crowd and immediately makes a good income to the man who manages to manipulate and control the situation. As a result of this, Amelia ends up losing her job and having the further misfortune of being subjected to extremely derogatory comments online. This highlights how Status Anxiety can have a ripple effect on employment as it forms a barrier to employment for those who are not able to cope with the direct or indirect effects of it.

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