Day: March 6, 2021

Termite Treatments – How to look at?

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Termite treatments in Brisbane involves different methods of eliminating termite infestation. The most popular ones are baits, fumigants, and heat treatments. Baiting is often used in Brisbane where it kills termites using a bait that is spread beneath the ground. These baits can range from food to animals and plants. Heat treatments are often used where there are large colonies of termites.

When you hire a pest control company for termite treatment in Brisbane, it is imperative that you know the type of treatment being used. Baits usually include sticky traps, which draw termites into them and kill them. However, the bait is unable to break the eggs of the termites once they have been laid. These baits need to be dug up once the termite infestation has been contained and then destroyed so that no other colony of termites can hatch.

Another popular method of termite treatment in Brisbane involves applying fumigants. Fumigants are highly poisonous and killing the termites by applying hot water is required. The fumigation kills the termites on contact and is considered very effective in termite extermination. This method may be applied by specially trained personnel who are well-trained in handling the chemicals. If you choose to use fumigation as your termite treatment in Brisbane, you should do it at night because the chemicals become airborne during the hot summer weather.