Day: May 21, 2021

An Open Air Studio For Violin Singapore

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The violin shop in Singapore is operated by the violin maker, and owner, Ion Balabanova. “I had always wanted to be a violin maker and I went to study violin in London, but didn’t get the chance because my father was a violin maker, so I thought I had to learn it on the job from somebody else,” he told violin shop operators and buyers during an interview at his shop in July. “I have been making violins ever since that time. And I’ve had the great opportunity to open my own violin shop in Singapore.” He proudly added that his shop is equipped with all the latest violin-making technology, such as bow threads, string tensions, as well as violin racks and cellos. His shop is open daily for business and during the evenings he holds violin classes, where he serves as an instructor.

How You Can (Do) Violin Shop Singapore

Violin lessons are offered to new and experienced violinists who want to improve their technique and ability level in playing the piano or violin. Some of the lessons include fingerpicking and sight reading lessons. Other lessons include scales, technique and chord melody exercises, as well as lessons in music history, chamber music, contemporary and classical music.

The violin shop in Singapore is opened 24 hours a day and offers piano lessons in their studio in the Central Business District (CBD). Lessons are also given across the country through the phone and the Internet. Children can learn to play the piano from a very early age and the lessons can be fun, inspiring and beneficial for their growth as well as their confidence.