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“We are dedicated to providing quality legal service to clients in both rural and urban areas throughout Queensland, Australia”. For more than 25 years, Brisbane family lawyers have been delivering excellent legal representation to people from all walks of life. Brisbane family lawyers have an outstanding track record of securing the best possible outcome for their clients. Family lawyers Brisbane are members of the Bar Association of Queensland and are members of the Law Society of Queensland. Brisbane family lawyers work in a variety of different law firms throughout the Brisbane area. Brisbane family lawyers work with a rotating pool of lawyers from different areas to ensure that clients are provided with the best possible legal representation.

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family lawyers brisbane

“We provide expert family law services for individuals, including divorce, adoption, alimony, property division, prenuptial agreements, juvenile matters, minor children, probate, termination of parental rights, and other family matters.” The largest and most successful family law firm in the Brisbane area is barrister’s law office. Located at 13th avenue, Suite #2, barrister’s law office offers dynamic legal service for all kinds of family matters including family litigation, domestic and child abuse, adoption, probate, wills, trusts, and even spousal and child abuse. Our family lawyers are fully-inclusive in their practice. They are committed to providing world-class legal representation to individuals and families experiencing all types of family-related issues.

Brisbane family lawyers are also familiar with the varied needs of clients through their involvement with the following legal fields: estate planning and probate, insurance, banking/lodging, business law, and transactional law. As they are very knowledgeable in and experience in the above areas, family lawyers can assist you in creating the most suitable financial arrangements, making necessary life changes, or organizing your estate should a death occur. If you or someone you love is facing a situation that demands personal legal representation, Brisbane interpersonal law firms are here to guide you. Whether the issue involves spousal or child abuse, protecting your legal interests, or arbitrated disputes, a good lawyer will help get you through the process without hassle.

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